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Originally Posted by Skunk View Post
I'll never understand why studios like to cast Koreans (or Chinese) for Japanese roles though. Why not just re-write the character to be Korean? Is there some sort of residual fetishism for the Japanese that didn't shake off after the 80's?
It's mainly because the DNA for these kind of adventures were created during the 70's and the 80's where Japan seemed like it was poised to take over the world. They were the country to look at when you thought of future technology. So until there is a generation that is no longer influenced by things like Neuromancer and Blade Runner, Japan is still going to be the go to culture when it comes to anything futuristic/cyber punk.

I personally like to think it is related more to the porn output of the country. Japanese Adult Videos (JAV) is easy to find, Korean porn is hard to find because their society still sees it as a shameful profession, and China outright bans pornography. So your go to Asian is still going to be Japanese.

That, and Korea is still looked down upon as the lesbian sister of Japan and if you go Chinese you get accused of demographic pandering and political complacency.
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