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Originally Posted by ElektroDragon View Post
WRONG. Do a little research.
You're too blinded by Mario to look at this objectively. Game wise, spec wise, this is a current gen console. Even Nintendo has said as much.

Not hardware, not online, not most games... everything hinges on what they do with the tablet. Very dangerous but with Smartglass (and probably something from Sony) people are taking it seriously... maybe tablet is the next gen piece like motion control defined this gen.

Where can I buy your fortune telling/ESP device?
Don't need a crystal ball for this one; just some common sense and grounding in the history of the industry. For a big shot investor I'm surprised you are to ignorant/naive to draw this simple conclusions.

1lb device
In this case no crystal ball, but I can't be more specific. Sorry if that twists your nipple. Granted it was a while ago, but that is a beefy tab even in the pictures.

Really? No matter WHAT I say? Even potential truth? Translation: I'm not listening to you, I hate Nintendo now... waah waah.
Potential Truth? Meaning that you're also dabbling in potential deception. Your getting a mite zealous; be careful which path you travel down in your enthusiasm for this hardware.

It's sweet that you think anything you say is going to make people who stored a Wii for 5 years want to rush out buy a Wii U. Nintendo loyalists or those that don't feel like they wasted their time with the Wii will buy it no problem with or without you.

Then there are the people like me who have bought Nintendo hardware our whole lives but are saying "Hmm, I probably should have waited until that system showed more so I knew it was a good purchase for me." We're going to wait, with or without you egging us on.

So, yeah, a year 2 (if ever) purchase for me. That is a far cry from "hate Nintendo".
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