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Originally Posted by ElektroDragon View Post
And the point YOU are missing is that Nintendo still outsold the other consoles 3 to 1 combined even with its vast inferiority.
Now that everyone has bought one the other consoles have slowly (but surely) been catching up for several years. Just look at the hardware sales numbers. Wii is seriously declining (taking $225m of Nintendo's war chest along with it just this year) while PS/3 and Xbox have been gaining. And I bet those two see a lot more average use than the Wii. Attach rate also tells a different story, particularly as this is where the other two guys make their bank.

The Wii isn't mana from heaven, and the Wii U isn't going to shake the earth either in the way you're hoping for. No matter how many preorders the Wii U has GME has a long road back to $60. In addition, preorders they aren't any indication of success when the manufacturers cap the number of consoles to artificially inflate the sense of desirability. The Xbox and PS/3 maxed out their preorders too, IIRC and, like you said they got spanked the first few years.

Apple did the same thing with the iPhone 5 and crowed about their numbers and made a big ta-do about how they were out of stock and back-ordered by months; the media took that and ran so fast they beat Bolt. I went in yesterday and bought a new iP5 with no problem.

Nintendo makes 1m Wii U's. There are enough desperate fans to snap those up and give Nintendo a nice bounce in the typical news cycle because of the artificial rarity.

Are you telling me that you haven't been around for any console launch in the last 20 years? How could you miss this standard operating procedure?
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