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Originally Posted by Peelzbury View Post
heh, to chimp and evil :

It may hurt to realize this but the main reason ppl 'dont care for pvp' in an mmo is because You Are Bad At It.

Please accept this.

It's as the Pope said. Pve is the place that baddies who wish they were good at pvp waste their time and compare notes as to who :

- watched how the fight was done on youtube
- followed the lead of train blazing *world first* legions who posted said video the best
- downed the boss first
- got luckiest with the drop rate.

no offense to any of you as you are probably all decent gamers in your own right but...

I realized back when i was a kid that the AI of a computer game is only so challenging - that's why 2 player games were always More Fun than single player.

MMOs are the natural evolution of that thinking.
For all of you to come play one, only to engage in co op vs AI Scripts is *cool - and can definitely be fun the first few times; Sadly you are missing out on the most dynamic content an mmo can offer - and that is PVP.

I realize i'm coming off as insulting - but it's time you pve heroes open your eyes and accept reality.

also one quick question : all of you that prefer pve to pvp. You Have pvped before right?

Was it fun?
I've PVP'ed enough in the seven years I've played WoW; it's certainly fun enough, but its not meaty enough to hold my attention long enough to dedicate my playtime to it. I'm by no means the best, but I'm certainly not the worst. I hold my own.

You can say I'm bad at it all you want...it doesn't change anything, nor does it make your stance any more correct or less inflammatory.
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