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Originally Posted by lockwoodx View Post
I'm surprised nobody has corrected you yet on this, because neither guild wars title have ever mentioned a subscription model. Guild Wars 2 is going the cash shop route.
I didn't think it was really that hard to follow. But allow me to break it down for you.

We will really know if they are, if they state that they are going free to play...
We (gamers) will know if they (Star Wars) are (losing subscribers), if they (again Star Wars) state that they (again Star Wars) are going free to play...

Which I think will happen once Guild Wars 2 comes out.

Which I think will happen (the act of going free to play for STAR WARS) once Guild Wars 2 comes out.

None of this was stating that GW had a subscription model. Its free to play, that is known, I was strictly speaking about Star Wars, you know, what the article is about.

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