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Originally Posted by Peelzbury View Post
heh, to chimp and evil :

It may hurt to realize this but the main reason ppl 'dont care for pvp' in an mmo is because You Are Bad At It.
Chicken or the egg. You're not likely to get good at something you don't enjoy and vice versa.

Realize that pvp is a fairly recent invention. Pvp really takes off with the invention of the fps, gaining popularity roughly with Goldeneye.

I think you should just accept that people have differing values and concepts of fun and that's going to lead to different tastes in gaming. I've always preferred coop. Done plenty of pvp in a wide range of genres, but very little of it actually grabbed me and held me, certainly not WoW-pvp.

I really, really liked Splinter Cell's pvp. I can destroy anyone in Smash Bros--my brother and I had a rivalry in that game that took us so far into the stratosphere that I've never met another person who can challenge me in it. He's just a bit better than I am (largely because of the age difference and him having way more time to practice). But, as proof I'll give this story. By the time that game's vogue was ending, my bro was earning cash by betting people at his high school $50 a head in a 3 vs 1 against him, and he would play Jigglypuff--and he'd destroy them consistently ;;;>_>

So, long story short, I don't think you're correct in casting pvp as the only gaming content worth playing. I primarily enjoyed raiding in WoW, and there is was all about excellence in playing your class, and raiding cooperatively was about getting everyone on the same page. Pvp in WoW is about comparative strategy, what your class can do against any other class you might be up against.
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