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Liberals gone wild

I have often wondered what fuels the alt-right, or ultra right's absolute loathing of liberals to the extent that liberals are seen as more harmful than beneficial in modern America. However, it is now clear to me that there is a generational component that I had overlooked before. I'm not saying conservatives don't do the same things, but somewhere along the way, fighting for civil rights has become a close minded, fanatical march of censorship and victimization.

My oldest kid heads off to college this fall. However, college has really changed since I went 30 years ago. Consider this article--


First off, I hope a lot more people read that today, and I think they will since David Brooks links to it in his column (conservative?) in the New York Times today. When I was in school there was still an idea that you tried to learn about all ideas and then decide what you agree with. Now it seems that people decide what they agree with and then protest everybody else. That is the most short sided and idiotic approach to making progress on social issues I have ever heard. In some ways, I feel I have a greater understanding for why certain people see this type of liberal as an intellectual hazard. How the fuck can somebody claim to be fighting for rights and then try to censor free speech?

What the hell happened to "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"

The sad part of all of this is that the partisanship and mistrust has gotten so bad that it is hard enough to build bridges even when you have an opportunity to hear somebody from different views speak. But to actively try to silence them?? Holy fuck! It's absolute madness. Isn't college supposed to be the ideal of intellectual freedom, an arena of ideas? It seems to me that somewhere along the way the culture of identity commodified the institution of learning as a platform for self aggrandizement and esteemed as worthless the idea that we should be challenging ourselves with new and different ideas without judgment. If this is what college is now, I don't want my kid to go.

Just to restate what should be obvious, liberals used to be about giving the little guy and the oppressed a voice and opposing tax cuts for the rich. But it is a sick perversion of those goals to decide to try to silence everyone else.
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