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Originally Posted by blackzc View Post
Demographics is destiny.
Originally Posted by blackzc View Post
But please, go on about its the only thing that matters.
Hey dumbass, YOU are the one going on about demographics. So WHAT THE HELL have you done about it? EH?

I have six kids, you parasitical little POS. Six kids, the oldest of whom just scored a 33 on the ACT (can you count that high?) and for whom I've never received a dime of public assistance. Got children? Done anything about America's demographics?

You're worse than useless. You're a dead branch of the DNA tree. You're not only racist, you're incapable of helping your own race when you say it's all that matters, lol.
Why would Republicans pass such a terrible tax law? lol...

Giving people more of their own money...WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? :D
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