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Originally Posted by vivafletcher View Post
Wow, some of you have real issues. Women get assaulted and they're "skanks" because they didn't respond to their assault the way YOU wanted? So sorry they didn't behave properly in victimhood.

Some of you might know, but he was a very powerful guy. He could ruin careers with a few planted stories in gossip pages. If he offered them a settlement and a let-it-go attitude, how are they really in a position to do anything else? You wanted them to abandon their careers and get dragged through the mud because SOMEONE ELSE assaulted THEM?

What is wrong with some of you?
Are you new here? EvilAvatar (the person who runs this site) is literally the rape victim is just a victim blamer whiner.

Originally Posted by Terran View Post
When you pass on confronting evil, you allow it to victimize others after it does so to you. What is wrong with you in excusing doing nothing in the face of a monster whose behavior for decades was akin to a serial rapist?

Taking a check and calling it a day is an evil in itself in the face of his behavior. I wouldn't call them 'skanks,' but clearly they held their career and the cash in higher esteem than they did a responsibility to others who would also suffer at his hands.
Spoken like a person who has never been in that position but is clearly expert in what to do. They should just call you in when this happens so you can save the day.
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