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Originally Posted by Evil Avatar View Post
I got 3 from story quests and 1 as a random drop from a public event. I'm only using one weapon and one piece of armor. I converted the others to gems and dust.

They do seem easier to get and you can turn in tokens to get purple engrams and use those to generate more gems for upgrading your weapons and armor.

The whole system seems a little smoother than the previous game.

I haven't looked around HQ enough after finishing the story to see if there is a wall that tracks all your Legendary's or not.
Yeah, though it slowed down once i got in the 260's. Remember too, the loot engine calculates drops based on your maximum possible light. That includes what isn't equipped and what's in the Vault. So you can afford to be efficient with your shard usage. I wouldn't infuse something unless it was a minimum 5 light upgrade. And legendary's only cost 1 shard when used for infusing.

I didn't notice something weird. While it says your maximum infusion for gear is over 300. I think the item level puts an unseen cap on that. I've had 2 pieces that I've upgraded from lvl 15 or 16 and after they got over 250 light i couldn't infuse anymore.
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