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Destiny 1 was a solid FPS that was bogged down not knowing what it ultimately was. They basically just took Halo and tacked on some clunky MMO grind. It didn't really work.

Destiny 2 is streamlined, loot-FPS bliss. It is more Halo-Diablo than Halo-WoW this go around. The open world is way better with a lot more to do. Almost too much. It is really hard to stay on track with all the shit that appears before you.

I have 2 qualms though:

The open world is so good that it basically is making endgame strikes completely useless.

They axed randomized loot stats so all guns are exactly the same. This will kill the endgame loot-grind meta since you don't need to bother min-maxing a perfect exotic.

I am really enjoying it though, and I highly recommend it. It is vastly superior to Destiny 1.
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