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Originally Posted by Mad Max RW View Post
Nearly every complaint Iíve seen comes from people with zero knowledge of the books. Whereís his second silver sword? In the books Geralt only wears an iron sword on his back while Roach carries the monster killing silver sword. Iím seeing lots of idiots saying that Ciri looks too much like a frail girl lost in the woods. That is literally what is happening and how she is introduced.
Yeah, a bunch of "fans" being pissed off it's not a 1:1 of something that wasn't a 1:1.

And, I'm surprised to see that I'm the only person who wants to say THANK FUCKING GOD that his necklace isn't a fucking ridiculous 3D wolf head. Imagine trying to sleep with a fucking pointy ass 3D snarling wolf stuck against your throat or in your armpit. No wonder Geralt is such a cranky bitch.
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