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Originally Posted by Soliptic View Post
I find it extremely telling they're going on and on about the physical description of the thing and saying nothing about the content, whereas Nintendo does exactly the opposite for their retro consoles in the initial announcements.
It means content is going to be limited. Not rocket science.

Are you expecting Atari to have the money to have an entire launch library like any of the big 3?

We have been dealing with Sony and MS for so long you are not going to catch me trash talking anyone that's making an effort to get into the market. We need a shake up.

Prob is, the internet hate machine takes already established norms by huge companies and applies them to startups. Its literal retardation and may be keeping us stuck with the big 3 we have, no one new can come in.

You think SNK would have had a chance the sell the Neo Geo in a world with internet?
Nintendo: A guiding light in a sea of video game degeneracy
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