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Originally Posted by blackzc View Post
It means content is going to be limited. Not rocket science.

Are you expecting Atari to have the money to have an entire launch library like any of the big 3?

We have been dealing with Sony and MS for so long you are not going to catch me trash talking anyone that's making an effort to get into the market. We need a shake up.

Prob is, the internet hate machine takes already established norms by huge companies and applies them to startups. Its literal retardation and may be keeping us stuck with the big 3 we have, no one new can come in.

You think SNK would have had a chance the sell the Neo Geo in a world with internet?
I guess my biggest concern is the sheer level of vagueness surrounding the actual content they'll be lining up for this thing. When absolutely everything they discussed is focused entirely around the box's form factor, I get a little worried. When the topic of games and content comes up, it's effectively handwaved away: "We'll have some old stuff, but we'll also have some new stuff."

It's always great to have another company in the mix, but a half-assed attempt doesn't do anyone any good.
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