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Originally Posted by Azrael View Post
Man I love this game

I remember being a child and my grandmother had gone on a cruise. She knew nothing about consoles/games as people her vintage didnt, but she knew I loved these things. Anyway she picked me up a Sega MegaDrive (Genesis in the US) with Streets of Rage and some F1 racing game. I remember her coming off the boat, handing it to me and I couldnt wait to get home! To this day only console i spent significant time on (always been a PC gamer)

I did run into some problems later in the life cycle of the MegaDrive, the used slightly different sized cartridges to stop people importing games from elsewhere... Mine being a asian version it wouldnt play some of the newer local games. Still loved it. Also remember the day when my friend came over with Streets of Rage 2.

This has put a smile on my face
Thatís a good story. Your grandmother sounds like a cool lady.
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