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Originally Posted by JazGalaxy View Post
This has been a weird game to follow, not having played it. The first game came out and it sounded like everyone was really disappointed and that the game wasn't very good. Then it sounded like ea bunch of a hardcore people continued to play it regardless. Then it sounds like a lot of people were playing it. Now the sequel sounds like a lot of people are really excited for it.
If there was ever an FPS that was fun to grind on and had good MMORPG style raids this would be it. They pulled it off.

The prob was, they held to much content behind DLC and it turned many ppl off. I was one of them.

I may end up getting Destiny 2 and attempting do what i wanted to do with the first game. Having a RPG FPS i can jump into a few times a week and do some leveling and raids.
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