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Originally Posted by Eats View Post
I assume her IT people advised her to do it and/or did it.
This assumption of yours requires ignoring, well, everything. Hillary warned others at the State Dept. not to use private email, she never asked for permission to setup the private server(s), the State Dept. - when she was leading it - notified all State Dept. that they were barred from using private emails, and she was warned about the risks.

Originally Posted by CNBC
"Clinton sent out an all-staff cable that personal email should not be used day-to-day for business purposes and that personal email is not secure, so do not use them for business purposes," according to an FBI report released as part of a 100-page document dump. "After Clinton's time as Secretary of State, there was also State guidance that if State employees had to use their personal email for business purposes they should send a carbon copy (Cc) to their ".gov" work email as well."
Hillary Clinton's BlackBerry envy failed to impress the NSA
Back when she was secretary of state, Clinton couldn't get the secure phone she wanted, so she continued to use her own

NSA wanted Hillary Clinton to use this secure Windows phone

The facts show that she didn't listen to techies, doing simply as she pleased.
Originally Posted by Eats View Post
You imply that you think Hillary is computer savvy when I doubt she could tell you the difference between a browser and the internet and google. If she is anything like my parents or most old people those are probably all the same thing to her, and she doesn't even know what SMTP is. I wouldn't expect Trump to know that stuff either.

It doesn't really make sense that she intended to have an insecure email server.
I didn't imply that Hillary was computer savvy, the joke was that your excuse is hilariously bad -- Hillary was no stranger to the rules about handling classified information, as she spent 6 years on the Senate Armed Services Committee handling classified information. Suddenly she didn't know that she wasn't supposed to do what she did? There is proof she was advised against doing what she did, but it's all just an "accident."

Would your parents have told NSA to go pound sand and continued to use unsecured devices? Would your parents have thought to setup a private server in their own home to send, store, and received information on as head of an intelligence agency? If your parents would, they're dumb. The big difference is this: your parents would be in prison if they had down what she did.

It makes complete sense that she had her own private server because she valued one thing beyond protecting classified information and turning over official government records: her own secrecy.

Inspector General Steve Linick, appointed by President Obama, said he couldn’t find any evidence that Mrs. Clinton received approval for her odd email arrangement, and when lower-level staffers pressed the issue, saying she was skirting open-records laws, they were ordered “never to speak of the secretary’s personal email system again.”

In one instance in 2011, Mrs. Clinton’s tech guru thought the server was being hacked and shut it down for a few minutes. Months later, Mrs. Clinton feared yet another hack attack was underway — yet never reported the incident to the department, in another breach of department rules.
Originally Posted by Anenome View Post
Many cultures of the world marry girls off after their first menses, around 13 years old. I can't say that's inherently immoral, no.
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