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So if we let our allies near Syria get blown away who is going to fight ISIS pt 2? Seems like it will be our troops instead of the kurds.

This isn't even about a forever war. We could've just told Turkey they can't do this or they will get sanctioned to death, and *maybe* left a handful of soldiers there just so turkey would be scared to attack.

I mean our troops stationed in Japan aren't fighting a "forever war". They are just a deterrent that create peace.

It is disconcerting that everyone well versed in the situation, liberal or conservative, seems to think this is a terrible idea. Same with the Open Skies treaty.

I don't even know if Trump is selling us out or if he is just dumb. It could be either and I wouldn't be surprised. He does have two big towers in Istanbul. I really don't know what other reason there is to let Turkey blow our allies away in exchange for nothing.
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