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Originally Posted by vallor View Post
Is this the same Amazon Game Studio that hasn't shipped a game outside of a half-baked racing game (The Grand Tour) on Lumberyard? AFAIK that is the only game that has ever shipped on the Engine and the only game Amazon has shipped ever. Well there was a mobile game years ago on the defunct Fire phone.

And a few cancelled games... and the people they laid off a month ago during E3. And this New World Game which we've been hearing about for years but seen little of and what we have seen isn't particularly great.

I am not feeling much confidence in this collaboration. I have a feeling Bezos Billions are more at work here than any proof of skills in "respective expertise".

Too bad, we know this license can shine when treated properly.
Yup, yup and yup. Amazon need to spend their money on something to avoid paying tax
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