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Originally Posted by Chimpbot View Post
Yeah, because Christian Bale certainly didn't walk around like a mouth-breather during his last two Batman films...

Nope. Not at all.
What? No, I really like Affleck as Batman. But he's always left his mouth hanging open. It's just something he does and it makes Batman look silly at times. As for Bale, I really liked those movies and I like Bale as an actor. But I have to admit that he really didn't deliver on the role at all as far as my tastes go. I thought he was going to be a perfect Batman and he wasn't very good. It was all of the surrounding players that I liked.

I was just nitpicking a bit. I loved the whole "Do you bleed?" scene in BvS and the one tiny detail that bothered me was that Batman had his mouth hanging open at the time. It somehow makes him look less intimidating. Still, that scene really worked for me.
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