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Jace Hall Wants to Create an Updated Version of Blood

Jace Hall, the founder and ex-CEO of Monolith, is thinking of releasing an updated and enhanced version of Blood which would be released on PC and other platforms. He posted his thoughts on the Blood fansite The Post Mortem:


My name is Jason (Jace) Hall and some of you may know of me.

I have been contemplating the idea bringing Blood back and was wondering how people might feel about it or if they were interested in helping me to do it.

To be clear, I am thinking of bringing the ORIGINAL Blood game back as it was, with functionality alterations/enhancements that are similar but superior to ZDAEMON's. I would also make it work on all platforms, and not just PC. There are other things as well...

I have a very specific vision in mind for what I'd like to do, but before I go off and do it - I wanted to speak directly with the Blood community and see what the thoughts are.

My goal of course is for this all to be free, and all about gameplay and fun. You can rest assured that I have the resources to bring BLOOD back properly but like I said, I'm hoping to have the community participate in all this if it wants to so we can all do it together. This site is great and it would be great to see the Blood community grow!

What do you all think?

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