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Originally Posted by Evil Avatar View Post
Exactly. That is why Apex Legends is dying and why Fortnite is a massive success. You give players characters that they want to play and want to buy, not generic looking Sci Fi soldiers like Apex Legends or giant lesbian fat asses like Bleeding Edge.
Again... Fortnight's success has fuck all to do with game play, graphic design or really anything that makes a good "video game" actually good.

Fortnite is not a game. It's a social media platform that let's you purchase a "to do list" that let's you purchase cosmetics to perform actions for your purchased "to do list". That way you can keep up with all current fashions & not be bullied for being a poor ass scrub.

'Fortnite' Creator Epic Games Acquires Social Media App Houseparty

“Fortnite is the number one service teens are using,” according to the report, “and audiences cite its social elements as the primary motivators for playing: It’s the best place to be my authentic self and to connect to what everyone is talking about, making me feel like I’m not alone.”
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