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DC Revives 100 Page Giant Comics for the Mass Market

DC Comics is bringing comic books out of the speciality shops and back into regular retail markets, starting with a new line of 100 Page Giant series that will retail exclusively at Walmart. The Hollywood Reporter has the news.

DC Entertainment is reviving a classic comic book format from yesteryear with a new line of comics to be released exclusively through Walmart stores starting next month. The new Giant line of comics — which will run across four monthly titles — will mix all-new original material by some of DC’s top creators with reprints for a 100-page package retailing for $4.99.

The four series — Superman Giant, Batman Giant, Justice League of America Giant and Teen Titans Giant — will feature material from the last 20 years’ worth of material, with each title including characters and strips in addition to the title characters. All four series will launch on July 1, with subsequent issues being released on the first week — Superman and Justice League — and third week — Batman and Teen Titans — of each month.

Creators working on the new material include such fan-favorites as Tom King, Brian Michael Bendis and the Harley Quinn writing team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, each working on characters outside of their traditional range in the regular DC line, with Bendis working on his first solo Batman material in September — a 12-part story beginning in Batman Giant No. 3 — and Tom King taking on Superman with artist Andy Kubert for their own year-long epic beginning in Superman Giant No. 3. Not to be left behind, Palmiotti and Conner will launch a 12-part Wonder Woman story in the third Justice League issue.
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