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Originally Posted by Evil Avatar View Post
Yea, you kinda wonder if they are leaving a lot of money on the table by not making a real SNES system again and actually putting out some carts or multi-game carts.
Eh, if they did that, it wouldn't be "the cool retro thing to have", but just "a sad comeback attempt by a has-been company that can't let go of its past". Also, cartridges are expensive.

I'm surprised people here seem to believe the NES Mini is gone for good while still hoping for a SNES Mini. If Nintendo has reasons not to do one, those same reasons will prevent them from doing the other. My guess would be more people are buying games like "Street Fighter II" or "Super Contra" from the Virtual Console than "Ice Climber" or "Megaman 2"...

Personally, I believe we'll see a revamped edition, maybe with more ROMs, definitely with better tamper-protection, and possibly even a NES/SNES hybrid. Why not? Emulation is cheap!
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