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Originally Posted by PatrickRes9 View Post
Plans change. I'm suspicious of Nintendo deciding to discontinue a successful product (i.e. leave money and brand installation on the table) without a valid reason. But at the very least they should be offering a very clear explanation. They haven't been able to keep up with demand since the get-go. Who knows why, but it's clear they've been getting backlash for it all along. Maybe they decided it wasn't worth the headache. Either way, Nintendo sucks balls at transparency. Even their patch notes are vague! "This patch improves gameplay experience".

I doubt it has anything to do with ROM sales on the Switch or anything like that. They were aware of the timing of the classics release vs the Switch. I dont think it has to do with the console potentially "outselling" the Switch, either. They're too wildly different as a product. That'd be nearly akin to Nintendo not selling the 3DS anymore because it was outselling the Wii U.

But either way, after struggling to meet demand all along, then suddenly discontinuing the product outright, they should be offering consumers a clear explanation, especially when Reggie has made counter-claims recently. But that said, half the little pocket of internet "outrage" seems silly. I'm a pretty avid Nintendo fan - that's pretty clear. I didn't get an NES Classic Edition, and I really couldn't care less. I don't know what spectral is talking about either. He hates Nintendo and would probably burn the classic if it was given to him, but here he is chiming in as though it effects him in any way at all. The internet. Nintendo sucks and it's just an overpriced emulator. Why does anyone care?
Ultimately, I think the fact it was designed purely as a nostalgia grab has everything to do with it being discontinued. Sure, there's a ton of demand right now...but, nostalgia is a very fickle thing. It can wane just as quickly as it waxes and the unexpectedly high demand from this past Christmas could drop off just as quickly. If they cranked out enough units to "meet the demand", either Nintendo or retailers (or both) could be sitting on unsold inventory once people move on to the next big nostalgia grab.

It's an annoying - and pragmatic - decision. Of course, I'm one of those folks that advocates building your own damn device that has the complete library of all of the classic consoles...for less than the cost of this stupid thing.
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