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Originally Posted by Scherge View Post
What??? There are only two answers that kiiinda make commercial sense:
a) They're coming back with a new version that prohibits flashing the thing with more (illegal) ROMs, or
b) someone at Nintendo thinks they can earn more money with these 30 games when they're on the Virtual Console.
Or they could be dropping it to keep it as its own small unique thing. Similar to what chip said, I don't think this was ever supposed to be more then a novelty. Maybe call it, "Going out on a high note"?

Now, that's just going to blended and boiled down to equate it to your B) more or less -- I guess. But Nintendo hasn't exactly been gushing to just flood the VC with every old rom to "earn more money" re-selling every old IP. Even for the IP they own exclusively and entirely.

Still, this is a weird decision. It reminds me of when the "Flappy Bird" guy took down his game because it was too successful and he didn't know how to deal with it.
Not necessarily to me. Owners or a business can and do make decisions not based on what forum critics tend to polarize around so often (i.e. they're stupid and don't know what they're doing, they're trying to screw everyone over, etc). Whether you want to cut out the middle man and just call "Flappy Birds" creator stupid or wrong or whatever for taking his game down because he felt he created a game which was creating unhealthy addictions -- is entirely your opinion to hold and promote.

But things aren't always so black and white as forum discussion can paint it.
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Originally Posted by Evil Avatar View Post
[The DS] was a huge success because it had basically zero competition.
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