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Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition looks beautiful but at what cost?

The Digital Foundry put the Windows version of Final Fantasy XV to the test. The results were interesting, and at times controversial.

One of the joys of PC gaming is the ability to tailor the game experience to your own liking, to strike the best balance between visual features and performance - and that leads us on to what's most exciting us about this PC release. Every console version has its own range of compromises and issues and we've yet to experience the definitive Final Fantasy 15 experience. The best of the bunch is Xbox One X, but even this has some minor frame-rate issues, dynamic scaling that affects image quality and a performance mode that gets nowhere near to a locked 60 frames per second. If you want native 4K, or if you'd prefer 60fps (yes we managed it as the video on this page proves - albeit with monster hardware in play) the PC version offers the best route forward.
Click on the Headline for the Videos.
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