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If you saw Hitler, would you punch him? To the left, everyone on the right is basically Hitler or some form of Nazi. Either you support Black Lives Matter, or you are a fascist, it's just that black and white (no pun intended).

I'm sure these people think they are doing good, but in reality they are making other people feel unsafe. Am I thinking the right thoughts? Will I be assaulted as a fascist if I think the wrong thing? Will they march down my street destroying property in "protest"?

These clashes with AntiFa (Anti-Fascists) are causing destruction and injury. Just look at Berkeley a few days ago. All the while local colleges and authorities refuse to get involved.

And here is the irony: By their actions, these people are becoming what they hate. Seriously, if you look at r/Anarchy, you would swear it was a fascist board. Think like us, or we will punish you! They don't want government involved in their lives, yet they are practically begging for the national government to declare martial law and/or police action since the local government won't. If this keeps up, the government is going to do it. And the thing is, a LOT of people are going to welcome it with open arms. Because now big government is no longer the enemy, the anarchists are.

Watch soon for police and/or army on every street corner. And watch for people to accept it.

Good job, guys.

Why isn't the word "gullible" in the dictionary?
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