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First, for PacerDawn, I'm not going to change your mind even if I am a counterexample to what you already believe, but I think that the overgeneralizations like "To the left, everyone on the right is basically Hitler or some form of Nazi. Either you support Black Lives Matter, or you are a fascist, it's just that black and white" are part of the problem with people drifting towards acting and thinking more stupidly on both sides.

Venom- I agree about Brooks being quasi conservative, and lately he has said some things that defy any categorization aside from bizarre, which is why I put the "?" there. Yes, he and the Times seem to be pretending he is the conservative columnist, but I think they need to do better and find somebody who is articulate, intelligent, and actually a conservative. I'm not sure why they can't do that, but my guess is that the right has better paying gigs for any conservative who can put two sentences together these days. I don't really think Douthat does much better at the Times.

In terms of being transgender, I don't really agree with you that the issue boils down to what one person is or isn't willing to pretend, judge, determine etc about somebody else's gender identity but rather it is about whether we feel that gender identity is up to the individual to determine or society. I'd say that liberals are quick to side with the individual on this point, and there certainly is stigma for transgender people, so perhaps they are the little guy in this scenario. Having said that, where we get into problems is when either or both sides refuse to listen, acknowledge, compromise, accommodate each other specifically when there are differences of opinion. Quick example. I don't know how many school districts my state has, but let's say hypothetically it is 25. When Obama made that statement about all schools having to accommodate transgender students, our Governor- a republican in a red state- made a big deal of opposing it and saying no way. However, 24 of 25 school districts were already in compliance. There was no controversy, there was no need for mandates or protests or any of that. The local communities had already addressed it just to address a problem, but once it was seen as a liberal versus conservative, it became an issue fro protest, offence, resistance, etc. It is absolutely idiotic. I feel like there are many liberals right now who are acting Trump crazy. They just want to be opposing and protesting and resisting the hell out of everything without solving a single problem. I'm absolutely frustrated.
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