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Originally Posted by Whimbrel View Post
First, for PacerDawn, I'm not going to change your mind even if I am a counterexample to what you already believe, but I think that the overgeneralizations like "To the left, everyone on the right is basically Hitler or some form of Nazi. Either you support Black Lives Matter, or you are a fascist, it's just that black and white" are part of the problem with people drifting towards acting and thinking more stupidly on both sides.
You are correct in that it is not everybody on the left, but it does tend to be more on the left these days as you have pointed out. I don't see the right shutting down liberal speakers. There is no middle ground these days. Either we think the group think, or we are on the outside. If you are a counterexample, then I would imagine you are a pariah in your own party.

Originally Posted by Whimbrel View Post
In terms of being transgender, I don't really agree with you that the issue boils down to what one person is or isn't willing to pretend, judge, determine etc about somebody else's gender identity but rather it is about whether we feel that gender identity is up to the individual to determine or society.
But it is about that. That is why there are schools drafting rules where not referring to someone by their preferred pronouns is considered harassment. If someone identified as "Mary Queen Of Scotts", would you be OK with that and always call them "Sire" and "Your Majesty", which would be their preferred pronouns? Or would you think they were crazy?

Welcome to our world with Transgenders. A man CANNOT be a woman, any more than someone can be Mary Queen of Scotts. Yet here we are being told (in the face of "science") that yes they can. It's surreal...

Originally Posted by Whimbrel View Post
Having said that, where we get into problems is when either or both sides refuse to listen, acknowledge, compromise, accommodate each other specifically when there are differences of opinion.
I have seen MUCH more lack of compromise come from the left. Like I said, no middle ground here. My middle ground would be that they can call themselves what they want (I won't try and force them otherwise), and I don't have to participate in their fantasy (they won't try and force me otherwise). Yet, that isn't what is happening, is it? Transgenders get to use my bathrooms and I have to participate in their fantasy or else I am a bigot. That's not compromise by any stretch of the imagination.
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