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Originally Posted by SpectralThundr View Post
No offense Whimbel but you prove Pacer's point, science and biology be damned, it's all about the feels. Instead of classifying what it actually is, a mental illness. You've proven time and again you completely buy in to group think, and scientific fact only matters when it supports the progressive hive mind. It's the same kind of "science" that has to fudge temperature readings and ignores the earth has naturally occurring warming and cooling cycles to push the progressive agenda. You're part of the problem buddy boy.
I think it is significant that someone on this forum can write "all x think y" and nobody will call them on it or care. I write that I'm x and don't think y, and your response is not only that I have proven the initial point, but that I am the one espousing group think? Isn't group think when you lose the ability to make objective or critical assessments due to some other factor, like partisanship, or liberal or conservative bias? I would say that your comments make no sense in this regard in that they seem to exemplify what you attribute to me and ignore what was actually expressed.

I'm really not sure what science has to do with this, but since you brought it up, I think your broad generalizations about climate change and mental illness are poorly informed. Gender is far more that an organ, a chromosome, or a feeling. You can decide to define gender however you wish, and I stipulate that good arguments could be made for almost any definition, but to somehow pretend that it is a unidimensional issue seems naive at best. I don't feel that you understand much about the science of global climate change if you think that it does not involve natural temperature fluctuations. One thing I notice is that climate change denial is often focused almost exclusively on temperature and for some reason ignores the chemical changes in our atmosphere. I'm not sure why that is, but I think it has to do with the moronic idea that if global warming exists there would not be cold anywhere on earth at any time. That may sound like an idiotic oversimplification, but it has been used by climate change deniers, instantly demonstrating that they haven't learned much about the science they are judging.

Either way, again, I'm not looking to turn a conservative into a liberal, but some of the things people write here seem at least as close minded as the crazy reactionary shit that took place at the campus in that essay I linked. Look at Terran's post just above this. Nobody sees that it sounds a little extremist and crazy? Which of the adjectives he uses do describe the fanatical, mindless extremism of liberals do not apply equally to his own writing about them? Any? Some? I'm not asking anybody to take my side here, but pretend to respect objectivity or condemn hypocrisy a little?
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