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Originally Posted by PacerDawn View Post
... I would imagine you are a pariah in your own party.

Welcome to our world with Transgenders. A man CANNOT be a woman, any more than someone can be Mary Queen of Scotts. Yet here we are being told (in the face of "science") that yes they can. It's surreal...
A. I'm not a pariah, but I feel that I am in disagreement with almost everyone. When the Democrats wanted to force McConnell on the SC confirmation, I think only one senator agreed with me that A, it would be hypocritical to bitch and moan about the senate not confirming Obama's pick and then try every trick in the book to block Gorsuch, and B. that it would be a mistake and pointless to trigger a rules change for this nomination. Almost all the other Democratic Senators wanted to go full steam ahead with this manic protest, oppose, resist bullshit. It drives me crazy.

B. Again, whatever the "science" is that you guys are talking about generally and specifically, I guess you will need to spell it out for me because I have absolutely no idea what science you are referring to. The science of transgender identity? Mental Illness? Gender? Public restroom social science? Whichever it is, do you really think - objectively- that the science is unanimously clear on this issue in some way? If so, that would be surprising, since science is rarely unanimous about social issues.

I'm not really sure I understand your take on this. You feel like you are being forced to participate in somebody else's fantasy about something if they use the same restroom you do in public? Do you feel like you should be able to tell other people where to use the bathroom? What fantasy are you participating in and what exactly is happening to you about it?

At one point, people who opposed gay marriage were complaining that their rights to tell other people who they could marry were being overruled. I understand that if somebody was deranged enough to base their whole life on wanting to control somebody else's most personal and intimate decisions that this would seem like a huge deprivation. But for the average person who had no such expectation, this surely was less significant of a loss than if they lost the ability to choose who they married themselves.

Personally, I don't really concern myself with the gender of people using the restroom. I have been in public restrooms that are for both genders, families, one gender, etc. Even with that being my personal stance, is there a problem with providing gender neutral public restrooms for transgender people? Would that still force you into something that you don't like?
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