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Originally Posted by Whimbrel View Post
Nobody sees that it sounds a little extremist and crazy?
There's nothing crazy about pointing out the fascist, fundamentalist, controlling threat emanating from the 'progressive' (LOL@that bit of euphemistic, propagandistic labeling!) left.

Originally Posted by Whimbrel View Post
Whichever it is, do you really think - objectively- that the science is unanimously clear on this issue in some way?
In fact, yes. Humans are biologically XX or XY. The less than one tenth of one percent of people who are not are carrying a congenital birth defect.

You are a lunatic or a moron for not recognizing this basic reality, but you belong to a party of lunatics and morons, so...see my sig.
Why would Republicans pass such a terrible tax law? lol...

Giving people more of their own money...WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? :D
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