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Originally Posted by Eats View Post
Romney is a sitting GOP Senator. He represents the Republican base in Utah. He won an election more recently than Trump. You don't just get to decide the GOP is whatever you want it to be. Those are your personal beliefs. You are so deep in your weird tribalism that you can't even see the separation between your beliefs and a political party.

You don't need to define your own identity by the current platform of a politician you weirdo.
Little Mittens is a fucking democrat pretending to be a republican you moron. There's a reason even the state of liberal zombies in Mass made him a Governor.
There's a reason he pulled an Obozocare on the people of Massachuttes in regards to healthcare long before Obama ever sent a tingle down Chris Matthews leg. The guy is no conservative, far from it.

It's a little ironic you use the word tribalism here since you believe the entire GOP thinks exactly alike or that the democrats think exactly alike. That isn't anywhere even remotely reality.
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