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Originally Posted by Inkabodcrane View Post
I wouldn't consider Rage 2 to be an "older game." Didn't it come out in May, about 6 months ago? Tomb Raider was 2013, which makes sense. But saying "Rage 2, Tomb Raider" lol. A six month old game vs a 6 year old game.

But regardless, I am still getting gamepass free until next July, so it's not a decision I have to think about right now. I got in on an insanely good deal, a year for $1, so I can't hate on someone not wanting to keep paying for it. Take that into account if I seem to be praising it, I basically get it for free for a year. When my time is up, not sure what I'll do. I like having it, it's cool to see when they add new games to it, it's cool to get big games occasionally like Gears 5 and Outer Worlds, but $15 a month is a bit much, unless I decide there is one must play game a month being added to it. So we'll see.
I think if you didn't already own Gears of War 5, it might seem like a pretty good deal for sure for a while, the problem I'm seeing is that those $15-a-month charges start adding up fast and when you consider that I've purchased most of the MS exclusives for $15 or less it just seems smarter to keep picking up the discs on the cheap and ending up with a nice little collection instead of paying for a service and owning nothing down the road a bit.

That is one of the great things about the Xbox One being really a decently powered system, I'm not expecting to see anything really push the hardware limits for a while.

Rage 2 isn't really that old, it just wasn't that great of a game. It kills a few hours, but I was expecting a lot more from the people who made Mad Max. I've read if you stick to the main quests, that it's pretty short. I wouldn't know, I can't resist trying to do just about everything in those open world games.
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