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In my opinion, Brooks is only a conservative in the sense that he claims he is. I certainly don't think he is. In my anecdotal experience, it isn't a generational thing; I've run into many people whom refuse to hear anything outside of their own opinion that are older than me.

College, at least when I attended a few years ago, did not have much in the way of intellectual freedom overall. I did have a few classes that allowed it, but the biases were quite clear. Those professors were certainly not millennials, unlike me.

I think the problem is that the Left, as a generalization, has moved well beyond the little guy, and moved into this weird era in which anything is subjective when they want it to be. Look at the transgender deal; I don't care if a person is transgender, but the idea that I must pretend that a an individual with XY chromosomes and a penis is a woman is more than silly. It's far easier to refute an argument by yelling "bigot!" than actually refuting it, which I've run into this with several Lefties that range from their mid-40s to mid-50s that claim to be moderates.

I largely blame the media, for their horrible reporting. Yet, it's ultimately the fault of the people carrying out such a movement.
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Many cultures of the world marry girls off after their first menses, around 13 years old. I can't say that's inherently immoral, no.
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