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Originally Posted by VenomUSMC View Post
I'd say posts like this illustrate why you're worthless. Period.

Demographics are not destiny, as look at how demographics can shift. If white Americans dominating the U.S. population offered the sort of racial salvation you desire, it would have been achieved.

You didn't reproduce, right? Yet here you are talking about "demographics is destiny" when you did what? Let me put it in terms you may understand: "YouZ don't have no kids, dumbass." You're pretty much a parasite by your own standard; you want to complain about demographics, but you don't - or can't - contribute to the very cause you claim to have a hard-on for. But yeah, keep on with all your talk about white demographics in-between mopping about your life on a message board. Back to your safe space.
Herpa Derpa Filter.

Your shits all messed up. Back to your cuckshed Johnny American! Buy more guns and store them in your cuckshed! That'll show em!

Them damned ol liberals, dont they know that a man is not supposed ta lay with another man? I aint no rascist, but that just aint rite! Dont tread on me daag nabbit! These colors dont run!

Hitler didn't have kids and neither did Jesus. But please, go on about its the only thing that matters. I've red pilled many many people and got them second guessing the destructive ideas that you cling to. And get ready old man, your kids are going to see you for the fraud you are. They will be closer politically to me than they will be you.

Bank on it.
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