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Originally Posted by Eats View Post
I don't agree that "knights" were on the right. I think it was clear that both sides are basically the same in this analysis/viewpoint. Also it was way too long, but some of the ideas were interesting.
I understood there were Knights on both sides; I was objecting to the negative way he portrays the knights and the causes the right chooses to champion. It shows his bias.

I also think you guys are ignoring twitter more than you should. Even if you don't read Twitter, it is kind of like the raw feed of information where a ton of news originates.
Ignore? No. Prioritize as the feed? Hell no. It is clear, even from @Jack's own mouth, Twitter suppresses conservative voices and opinions. And that is the NICE way to state how they treat the right.

Twitter can't be used as a primary news source any more than CNN because 90% of the stuff on there is exactly the kind of content that would make CNN or MSNBC headlines and have their analysts crowing about how terrible the right is and how virtuous the left is.

but it is an interesting perspective that holds some truth.
The writer is far too smug in believing they've got the ability to break down who and what information flows where and the results. So pleased they don't do the critical thinking enough to realize even things like dividing people into Knights and Mooks is just another attack and the writer is an instigator as bad or worse than any of the others pretending to enlighten us "mooks".
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