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Originally Posted by VenomUSMC View Post
With the LGBTQA community, it wasn't long ago that it was essentially sold as "once gay marriage is passed, we're happy." Okay, but did that happen? No.
Indeed, this is a big issue with gay marriage. The left said all they wanted was gay marriage, and there was no reason to oppose it since it wouldn't affect anyone other than the people involved. What does it matter if two dudes want to marry and a Christian doesn't approve of it? They aren't involving the Christian at all, so why is that person complaining? So the measure passed. Then they decided that "hmm, well, we want a Christian bakery to cater our wedding", which meant Christians actually DID have to get involved with the gay wedding after all, despite what they said prior.

I have always asked those who are for forcing the Christian bakery to cater a gay wedding due to discrimination: Would they be OK forcing a black baker to cater a KKK rally? I still have not gotten a reply to that one.

The left doesn't want liberty. Forcing a person to do something they do not want to do is NOT liberty, it's the exact opposite. No, they actually want totalitarianism enforced by the government. That is extremely scary to me, and should be to anyone.
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