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Originally Posted by Whimbrel View Post
Wow. Thanks. It takes a semblance of courage and integrity to admit that there is a difference between what I write and what you present as my argument.

This might make you happy. I am not in favor of voter fraud, lack of voter participation or engagement, voter suppression, voter intimidation, electioneering, or gerrymandering. I am not in favor of campaign spending laws that give wealthy donors more access and influence than others.

In any county or municipality where the election system is so poorly designed that it can be taken advantage of for fraudulent voting at any stage of the process, then they should fix that immediately. The public offices in each county should improve the way they share and check records and do what they can to make voter rolls as accurate as possible.

I have been presented several times in this thread as favoring voter fraud because it might benefit my party. That's pure bullshit. I think voter fraud should be addressed in proportion to the extent that it actually exists as a problem, not tolerated, and certainly not overstated in order to impose additional regulations that are burdensome to election officers, voters, and poll workers. Remember, I'm liberal. We're all about reducing government regulation.

So, if you want to address my thoughts on the issue, there it is.

And there you go again. You write as if you think you are some well informed, angry bad ass. But putting words in my mouth and then judging me by what you make up as a strawman position that you substitute for my actual position is just about the most cowardly, chicken shit thing you can do. The first few times I thought maybe you didn't know better or you were really desperate to feel like you scored a few easy points by beating yourself, but at this point I just wonder if you are ever going to stop. It's one thing to be chicken shit anonymously, or secretly or even rarely, but you are doing this over and over and you are putting it in writing. Don't you realize that each time you mischaracterize what I wrote somebody can just scroll up and see that you are strawman beating off again? What's the point? I mean what do you get out of that?
Are you in favor of requiring ID to vote? Are you in favor of preventing people from voting multiple times in the same election? Have you managed to do your own research in realizing how big an issue voter fraud is currently? Are you against illegals being allowed to vote?

It isn't difficult to "score points" Not that scoring points is even the goal, it's to educate idiots like you who can't be half assed to deal in facts and reality rather than your precious feel feels.
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