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I never said 25% tariffs were meaningless or had zero effect on cars being sold overseas. I said it had less of an effect that you think.

And to prove it I showed that when similar cars are offered cheaper in America consumers choose to purchase more expensive cars anyway despite proclaiming a nationalistic loyalty.

Then I showed multiple pieces of proof describing how even lowering cost many American vehicles manufacturers do not have the cultural approach nor do they have the design sense to build vehicles suited to overseas peculiarities of foreign markets (the "family" sales pitch in Japan, the tortured and narrow streets in Europe, the need for a 1/2 ton pickup driver to get an actual CDL style license in Italy, etc).

All of these things contribute as much or more than price.

If people in America are willing to already pay a premium for a Honda over a Ford they will continue to pay a premium.

Let's say the impossible happens and tariffs lower so much in other areas so the market drops to the same deltas we have in America what makes you think people will suddenly choose to buy the Ford over the Honda even if the Ford is cheaper?

Why would they act different than Americans when we don't even have the nationalistic loyalty to pick our own home grown brand over the Foreign brand?

This isn't rocket surgery. American's don't want American cars all that much even at lower, and foreigners don't want American cars all that much with price being one of many, many factors. Making the price drop slightly isn't going to suddenly turn into some overseas American car industry bonanza.

Originally Posted by Terran
As for the jobs being 'scraps,' you go ahead and tell that to the folks working at those plants and get back to me on that pile of stinking bullshit you posted right there.
Yeah, I guess they say the same thing about China and Foxxcon making all our iPhones and other electronics while Apple, Microsoft, and so on get to reap the highest of marketcaps and record profits. We get to be the Foxxcon of Toyota, Nissan, and Mazda or whoever. I guess if that's good enough for you.

I don't want America to be anyone's Foxxcon; just providing any pair of hands for assembling other countries stuff because it makes for good PR "well, at least the cars are assembled here" when all the profits still end up back in Asia.
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