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Submitting News to Evil Avatar

While much of the news here is posted by Evil Avatar moderators, users can also feel free to post news that will appear on the homepage. After all, we are a community based site and you are as much a part of this as the folks who help run it. All user submitted content will be placed into a moderation queue for review. At that point, we will either approve it, delete it, or move it to a more appropriate forum.

Don't get discouraged if something you post doesn't make it to the front page! I mean, we totally DO like those Zelda-styled coolats you wore to your sister's dance recital, but it probably doesn't belong as a news post. If you look like a spammer, we're not going to post your stuff.

To help get your news posted, please follow these guidelines.
  1. Come up with a nice catchy headline, capitalized properly. In case you forget your grammar school lessons, everything should be capitalized except for articles (a, an, the), prepositions, and conjunctions (and, but, or, nor, for), unless they are the first or last words of the title.

  2. Instead of just pasting in a URL, give it some meaningful text. Easiest way to do that is to type your text, highlight it and click the "link" icon in the editor.

  3. Always be sure to quote your sources, linking back to the originating story if there is one. This is ultra important. While some sites do not like to list their sources, we believe that the credit should be given to the proper originator. If there's a series of sources, post 'em all.

  4. No user signatures are allowed in news posts, make sure you uncheck the "show your signature" box. If you forget, then be aware we'll fix it and be cursing your name under our breath.

  5. If you want to add an image to your post, it should be no more than 500 pixels in either width or height. If you don't have access to an image editing tool, online services like ShrinkPictures or Resizr will help you with that. Make sure you find your own host (no hot linking images, this is important). There are free hosts available like imgur and imageshack.

  6. Hit that "Preview Post" button before submitting and proofread for grammatical, punctuation, and formatting errors. Only after making sure everything is kosher, submit that post and wait.

If you're looking for the proper place to post some news, head on over to the News Forum and hit that "New Thread" button. You'll need to be a registered user first though, so get registered and get posting!

If you need any help with formatting your news post, hit up IRC and someone will normally be around to answer any questions.
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