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Originally Posted by Chief Smash View Post
Maybe this is addressed in the film but I'm wondering why you wouldn't send along a team of military folks to go along on a mission like this. That's what I both loved and hated about Aliens. I loved it because they weren't just some helpless people. They fought back. I love when people fight back in horror movies. What I did hate was that all of the people trained to fight and handle pressure failed pretty spectacularly to handle the pressure and fight back properly. I think James Cameron just has something against the military. But I would love to see a modern and proper military vs aliens movie.
I assumed the clips of the guys with the weapons were some sort of security team. At around the 25 second mark, you see guys armed with the AR-style rifles among the people that appear to walk into the field with the wheat before encountering anything. I guess they could be just colonists with guns, but I'm guessing they're at least considered security -- but maybe short of being a space Marine.

I do think it'd be cool to see a proper military unit versus aliens, and I think this could possibly be a good story to lead into such a situation -- bringing back an impregnated body (or a few) to a military installation and dealing with that. Otherwise, I'd assume they'd just blast the aliens into submission from afar.
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Many cultures of the world marry girls off after their first menses, around 13 years old. I can't say that's inherently immoral, no.
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