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It's strange all that is in black and white but there is still so much disinformation and delusion around the facts. Everytime someone says "Yeah, but they found people on his campaign GUILTY!" as if there was a smoking gun. They don't bother to listen beyond the soundbite to see they found them guilty of things done either because they were brow-beat into it (Flynn) when even the FBI said there was no infraction or things that pre-dated the campaign by YEARS (Manafort, Papadopolalaland)!

They don't see the laws that were broken to even get those small "victories" which didn't even move the needle on any Russia-Trump collusion and instead caused corruption to be ferreted out in BHO and Clinton, and Lynch, and Holder's and Comey's organizations and the FBI and DOJ in general.

Two things I find really interesting are:
1) How a lot of the biggest breaks showing Trump was in the right and being harrassed came from The New York Times and the Washington Post... so even the worst offenders out there sometimes get to the truth.
2) How "Fake News" was a creation of the left they tried to use to discredit Trump and the right and he ended up beating them to death with it. Now they want to retire the phase and teach kids "media literacy" about who they should trust and not trust when it comes to news. We know what that means: "Trust who we say is trustworthy; no critical thinking allowed." This is the left wing run education INDUSTRY after all!

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