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We Have 6 to 8 New IPs in the Works, Says EA

Patrick Soderlund from EA Games told MCV that the publisher has "six to eight completely new IPs in the works."

The firm’s current line-up includes sequels to The Sims, Need for Speed, Battlefield and FIFA. Titanfall is the only new IP on the publisher’s roster.

But EA Games chief Patrick Soderlund told MCV that EA is working on new ideas, and points to Star Wars and Mirror’s Edge 2 as proof the firm is still willing to take risks on new ideas.

“We are working on a new Mirror’s Edge game, and although that’s not a new IP, it is a revival done in a new way. We are developing Star Wars Battlefront, which to us is a new IP, even though it isn’t technically,” he said.

“We have six to eight completely new IPs in the works. The day we stop making new IP is when we go onto life support. We need to incubate new ideas and push creative boundaries.”
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