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This update... hell... this entire GAME is naked about its capitalistic / corporate mindset. "Now have higher productivity during this holiday period to buy our products!"

Galaxy of Heroes utilizes the same model. Get people hooked on your mechanics, release in-game products (heroes, weapons, etc) harping on the current front-line product release (movies) that can be purchased with time or hard currency, create a "launch" event lasting one or two weeks where early adopters save a little time towards maximum unlock (maybe getting 30% towards a fully unlocked character), repeat every month or so.

The Star Wars movies aren't just furthering a story people care about, it's reinvigorating the ancillary products and licensing tie-ins. It's applying a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart of this cultural empire that would be snuffed out without contributions from fans or corporate entities.

I played Doom for the first time last week. The guitar riffs in that game and how the music works with the action is far and away superior in its impact to an online multiplayer slog where, if you're streaming and editing for just the highlights, you might have a moment worth remembering after hours of gameplay.
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