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Originally Posted by Terran View Post
Nah, I'm fine thanks. Sounds like folks like you need to stop bending over and encouraging abusive corporate greed. You get lube with that?
Right? Exactly. People are supporting shitty business practices with their dollar, because they can't control themselves, and get all caught up in the marketing and hype, and that shapes the landscape of the video game industry - my favorite hobby - into garbage directions. I don't want full $60 games to turn into the mobile game experience, where you're nickel and dimed at every turn, bombarded with ads, or forced to grind it out for eternity if you don't pay up extra.

Some people forget, loot boxes and microtransactions don't just exist in themselves. They shape the way the game plays with their existence. The developers then HAVE to make the game grindy as fuck, because no one would spend more money on microtransactions otherwise. It influences gameplay. Negatively. As it tries to convince you to spend more money.

But this happens all the time, with many many other things. The stupid majority wins, and those smarter than the status quote just have to deal with it.
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