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Originally Posted by sticky View Post
Sounds like you need to make more money.
It's not a matter of "making more money"; spending money on this game - regardless of how much someone makes - is supporting anti-consumer business practices.

EA can charge whatever they want to. Nobody is forced to buy it.
You're damn right; they can charge whatever they want...and with the systems implemented with this particular game, I'm not going to spend a dime on it. At this point, it doesn't matter how much they roll back or redesign; anything published by EA is going to be a hard pass until they adjust their business model.

Buying this game is supporting anti-consumer business practices designed to squeeze as much out of us as possible.

I LOVE the game.
Part of me is bummed that I'm missing out on what appears to be a fun title...but fortunately for me, there are a shitload of great games out there aside from this single Star Wars title. I'm not hurting in the least for skipping out on this one.
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