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Originally Posted by JazGalaxy View Post
You have absolutely no idea WHO is in the writers room. You know literally nothing about that them other than that, as Lindleoff states, they aren't exclusively straight white men. To impugn their merit is purely you INVENTING facts to support your predetermined idea that they don't "deserve" to be there.
No but when they start touting this stuff, the results are often crap because you know dammed well that it's a marketing ploy. It's also funny that you bring up merit because that's what people want. They want writers of merit making good stories. It's not time for a gay or female or Latino interpretation of Watchmen. It's time for a GOOD Watchmen, no matter who writes it. Tell me how good the stories are, not that they were written by a corporate approved series of check boxes. Heck, if you asked me, I'd rather be known as a good writer than a white writer. It always seemed demeaning to do it the other way almost like when you tell your kids that "for their age" they're good at something. These things are not mutually exclusive in theory but when they are your main aims (as is often the case) they usually are in practice.
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