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Originally Posted by Anenome View Post
You haven't seen "the Matrix" have you. Wait, you saw Suckerpunch too! :P

I for one support the idea of pure CGI movies. Giving photorealism the same flexibility that anime has had for decades now will revolutionize Hollywood.
Yes I have...which is why I say...

BULLSHIT to this sentence of yours. Look at Suckerpunch...all the CGI is there and while it looked good it sure as hell didn't make it a decent movie. Anime is crap (well not all of it but 99 percent of it is) and pure CGI will just make movies even more artificial/unoriginal. If I were to make a movie that just displayed the binary code would you like it? What has CGI made... but people even bigger brainless idiots who praise the shiny COOL AS DICKTITS movie about tree worshiping smurfs over a well (ANY) written plot. CGI is cool...for like pixar animated films and shit...or do you like movies like Hop and Scooby Doo?
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